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My God in Texas. What a roadtrip. I’ve been raised in Houston, and such was my barbecue exposure: Goode Company, Demeris, Pappa’s, Rudy’s, and during my college days Mikeskas and Ruby’s. Always with the same problem: dry flavorless brisket. It was a recent trip to California that I had some of the best brisket of […]



I have a few¬†favorite¬†areas in Houston, and the corner of Airline just south of 610 is one of them. Down here is the meeting of several of Houston’s culinary gems: Canino’s grocery outlet, Taqueria Tacambaro, the back of Canino’s, and Connie’s Seafood (which deserves a writeup on its own). Canino’s is a produce and grocery […]

There’s something visceral and somewhat sado/masochistic about having an outdoor music festival in Houston in June. That said, what a party Houston turned out in Elanor Tinsley! They thankfully closed down Allen Parkway and turned what was a peaceful park along the bayou in to a fairground of rock. Headlining was Girl Talk and Flaming […]

I was going to burst on here with my recap of Free Press Summerfest, but I just got wind of some sad news on Houston’s restaurant scene: two founders of Houston institutions have recently passed on, Frenchy’s Chicken founder Percy Creuzot and Mr. Kanomwan himself, the “Thai Nazi” and miraculous deliverer of delicious Thai food […]

Stumbled upon this house in the Montrose while walking through the neighborhood. Wife dubbed it the “villain’s lair.” Looks kinda like an S&M hobbit hole to me. Gets a B+ in Zombieproofness.