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I was going to burst on here with my recap of Free Press Summerfest, but I just got wind of some sad news on Houston’s restaurant scene: two founders of Houston institutions have recently passed on, Frenchy’s Chicken founder Percy Creuzot and Mr. Kanomwan himself, the “Thai Nazi” and miraculous deliverer of delicious Thai food […]

I’ve been reading all sorts of negative reviews about this place, and I think the heart of the problem is that people come in to T’Afia expecting a gastronomical revolution. I think they need to take a step back and look at the restaurant for what it is, which is local food done right, simply […]

OK, two restaurant posts and two Thai places, but I swear there’s more to Houston than these. I think I’m on a Thai fix right now. I also went to La Madeline that day, and I don’t think that would warrant a write-up.  Besides, this place is radically different from Thai Nazi. One of the best parts […]

I am reticent to post this, but since this is the first post of a blank blog that hasn’t even been Google Botted, then I feel that it is safe to reveal this to the world: Houston has a Soup Nazi, and he runs a Thai restaurant. Not just any, mind you, but possibly the […]