Free Press Summerfest


There’s something visceral and somewhat sado/masochistic about having an outdoor music festival in Houston in June. That said, what a party Houston turned out in Elanor Tinsley! They thankfully closed down Allen Parkway and turned what was a peaceful park along the bayou in to a fairground of rock. Headlining was Girl Talk and Flaming Lips, with awesome appearances by Mix Master Mike and Slim Thug. I’d say, much more alt and cool than other Summerfests (headliner TimMcgraw? ZZZ…).

Sunday afternoon on the second day of the festival, it started raining, turning the bayou ledge in to a sludge, giving no mercy to those stuck there all day, and raining out Dead Prez (which was a damn shame; they started at the same time as the Flaming Lips, and like hell I’m missing them.).

Also, giant ball:

Kinda awesome how you have 3 people from Austin staying over at your place in Houston to go to a music festival. Oh, and the Mayor of Montrose has apparently legalized cannabis, so go tell your local cops this if they bust you. :p

Rock on, Space City.


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