Kanomwan Thai Restaurant (The Thai Nazi of Houston)


No soup for you!

I am reticent to post this, but since this is the first post of a blank blog that hasn’t even been Google Botted, then I feel that it is safe to reveal this to the world: Houston has a Soup Nazi, and he runs a Thai restaurant. Not just any, mind you, but possibly the best Thai restaurant in the city. Tucked far in the back of a strip mall, a couple miles south of the Fifth Ward in the Greater Eastwood neighborhood lies Kanomwan. It opens for lunch at 11:30, and at 11:00 you can  typically find the parking lot already half full of people idling in thier cars or waiting outside the locked gate.

Why? For 2 reasons: 1, mainly because the food is good. Damn good, and most dishes are very distinct from each other, such as the sliced chicken with cashew in red sauce, or the beef with straw mushroom and green onion with oyster sauce (don’t mistake this for a “safe” Americanized dish! The beef is fried and salted to a crisp then lightly drizzled with oyster sauce which match perfectly with the soft umami quality of the mushrooms).

But for the second reason why people line up before the place even opens? The  60-something gentlemen who owns and runs the place, the Thai Nazi,  does almost all waiting duties by himself. If you don’t get there early, you won’t get your food for a loooong while (45+ minutes, or so I hear). I suppose there’s a trust issue between him and his support staff, since he is the only one who will take your order, and is the only one to take your money. I halfway wonder if he also shuffles back and supervises the kitchen as well. Ponder the logistics of serving 50+ people this way, and I kind of understand his demeanor, which is unfriendly in a team-building sort of way between you and your fellow diners. Best choose quickly what you want, and order by the letter and number loudly and clearly. Sometimes he will disagree with what you choose and pick something else for you. Just roll with it, I’m sure it will be delicious.

There have been reported incidents where customers get uppity, and it will always end with the same results: no Thai food for you. Next!

P.S., I have at great risk of being banned from the place obtained images of Thai Nazi’s menu, which I include below.


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